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frequently asked questions

Q. Which class should my child join?

A. All new starters should join the explore class if aged 5-7 years or the explore plus if 8+ class regardless of experience. They will then be assessed and placed in the correct group.

Q. Do you offer classes for adults?

A. No. We only run classes for children under 16 at present.

Q. What should the gymnasts wear to the sessions?

A. Gymnastics leotards would be ideal, however, a fitted top and leggings/shorts will be sufficient for recreational lessons.

Q. Do you have a uniform?

A. Yes. All members are able to purchase the uniform.

Q. When do squad trials take place?

A. Squad trials are by invitation only and take place regularly. If you would like a squad trial, please fill in the contact us form.

Q. How to sign up?

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